Kia ora all,
Just sending through some material for the strategy meetings this Weds-Thurs, plus a couple of requests for information that other people may hold.

The location is ACE House at 192 Tinakori Rd.

The outcomes we will be working towards are:
  • building on the momentum from the conference
  • developing/refining a strategic focus for 3 years – 2020 and 2017 workplan
  • identifying how to strengthen our outward-facing profile and our internal organisation.
Outline for the days
9am – 12noon  Momentum and 2020 strategy (note – Ryan’s flight time has been changed so he will be a little later than 9am)
12.30-1.00pm – light lunch
1.00pm- 4.30pm 2017 Workplan
6.30pm- Dinner (venue to be confirmed)
9am Bringing it all together – direction, story, impact and actions
12noon – lunch – with Colin McGregor (ACE Aotearoa), possibly also Nicola Sutton (English Language Partners)
12.30pm- Specific actions/tasks/people including guidelines for discussion with Anna Kominik
Here is the collected input from people so far about what’s working well with the strategy and where to next.  Karen will bring along her thoughts on the day.  Maraea – if you have anything to add before Wednesday, please send it through, or you can bring yours along as well 🙂 .
Additional material: please let me know if you would like me to bring any printed copies of anything
1. Foreword from the 2017-2019 IIP
2. 2015 Annual Report – Mary-Jane will bring copies
3. Latest draft of Comms Strategy – Peter – has this changed since the Board meeting, and if so could you please either circulate the latest draft or send to me to circulate?
4. Table feedback from AGM strategy session
5. Comms session feedback/notes – Tim – do you have this, and can you bring?
6. Treaty session feedback/notes – Karen will bring any notes that she has
7. SKIP update – I will prepare a summary, which I will circulate/bring copies of
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Files for meeting: