Social media isn’t perfect, but during these unprecedented times of isolation and change, REAPs are using all available platforms to reach their communities.

In the South Island, Southern REAP has been using Facebook as a way to connect schools and share resources.

By contacting schools individually and directing each one to a single Facebook page, Southern REAP have been able to establish a useful cache. Along with being a place for shared information, it’s part of a long-term strategy to increase learner engagement with online learning opportunities.

Neuroscientist and educator Kathryn Berkett was enlisted to share videos aimed at up-skilling and reassuring parents, ahead of some parenting workshops planned for the year ahead. These resources were shared on the Southern REAP Facebook page, and proved popular with principals and parents, reaching over 1400 people thanks to schools getting involved and sharing it with their audiences.

Schools can share REAP’s content with their audiences on their own school Facebook pages, meaning they can speak directly to their communities and are supported with relevant and useful content.

Providing support for parents is a priority for many schools at this time, who are aware that the wellbeing of parents is a key factor in the wellbeing of their tamariki. With online learning set to continue for many weeks yet, Southern REAP is working hard to ensure its communities have access to valuable learning opportunities.