The Collective of REAPs – semi-finalists for 2023 Community of the Year!


REAPs are collectively semi-finalists for the 2023 Community of the Year!

The Mitre 10 New Zealand Community of the Year is given to the Communities that have shown the best of community spirit and who together have made an outstanding impact on the communities they serve.  Their achievements enhance the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of New Zealanders.

REAP Aotearoa is a collective of 13 local organisations that exist in rural communities around the country. Each REAP (Rural Education Activities Programmes) works within its respective community to deliver education and whānau focused programmes and services that would often be more easily accessible in urban centres.

For many people in rural communities, REAPs are “go-to” organisations, dedicated to finding accessible solutions to a diverse range of needs. Whether it’s tackling the aftermath of big weather events, distributing kai over lockdown or even supporting individual whānau in need, REAPs across New Zealand are on hand for trusted, considered and often life-changing support.

Congratulations to all the semi-finalists in the category.

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Removing the barriers with the help of REAP Marlborough


A student who attends Alternative Education was not getting there until after 9.30am each morning due to having to take his younger siblings to Primary School. Then they were needing to leave by 2.30pm each afternoon to pick them up again as Mum was working before and after school at commercial cleaning jobs.

We spoke with Mum to say that this could not continue, and looked at how REAP Marlborough could help the whānau overcome the barriers to being able to work so that Mum could be there before & after school for the younger tamariki.

Mum expressed an interest in becoming a Barista so she attended a 4 hour workshop with our Barista Tutor Brooke, this went really well and Mum gained confidence.

Just to make sure Mum was fully confident Shona from REAP Marlborough also arranged a 1:1 follow-up Barista training session.

We then enrolled her on a First Aid course, and finally helped her to write a CV. An interview was arranged by Mum herself at the local BP petrol station, and Mum armed with her new skills and CV was interviewed for a Barista position 4.30pm – 11.30pm (these hours meant that Dad would be home to look after the tamariki).

GREAT NEWS! Mum got the job and now our rangatahi is no longer late to his classes and is more engaged with his learning.

Taraua REAPs 40th Birthday Celebration

Congratulations Tararua REAP!

On 5 September Tararua REAP celebrated their 40th birthday!

The day was filled with lots of events, comings and goings, and capped off with a celebration event in the evening.
Coincidently the 5th was also the start of the Festival of Adult Learning week so the team at Tararua used this as an opportunity to celebrate with their community.

Video courtesy of Ace Aotearoa.

Take a look at what they’ve been up to in the clippings below.