Overall link to the REAPANZ folders in Google Drive:
Have a nose round and let me know what you think. I’ve also added a “Sharing Good Practice” folder as suggested by Dawn and Kate.

In terms of your 2017 documentation commitments, have a look in this folder:

You’ll see that each of your REAPs has a folder, into which I have already filed some documents that I’ve received from you.
The key thing is tying what’s in those folders to the document here:
Each of your REAPs has a tab in that document. The idea is for you please to file all the relevant documents in Google Drive, then copy a link to each of the documents into your tab in the spreadsheet so I can see without having to wade through folders who has filed which documents (and I can easily click through to the right document when I need it).
Please let me know if it’s not working, if you need help using it, or if you just have any other thoughts, questions or comments.