Being inventive with learning Te Reo Māori in challenging times
Using waiata as a medium to encourage the uptake of Te Reo Māori learning in our region has been successful, so when we found that we could no longer do this in the same space, our ACE coordinator, Makuini Kerehi looked at a range of options.

We settled on a combination of using Facebook to share information in a private group, including lyrics, codes for meetings and other relevant information; and using Zoom to bring people together into the same space.

If you have used Zoom, you will know that controlling sound is a very important thing to do! Having everyone trying to sing together was a disaster, however a solution was very quickly found. Microphones muted was the key, apart from the wonderful tutor, Shari Taylor.

The group quickly adapted to this new way of learning. Problems that arose (like having unexpected guests) were quickly solved, especially by having someone other than the tutor ‘host’ the gathering.

Our Waiata programme has continued since Level 4 began and has been extremely successful. Lots of people have benefitted from the enthusiasm and had the opportunity to learn new waiata that are Wairarapa taonga.

Makuini is currently looking at how we might continue other Te Reo offerings while we are in Covid Level 2.