REAP Marlborough has worked closely with the Pasifika community for many years on a variety of projects designed to help them integrate confidently into the community. Our relationship with Sana Daunauda (PHO and Pasifika Trust) and Lapu Oliver (Pasifika Advocate) helps us to meet their needs.

In the early years of our association with the Pasifika community we ran monthly meetings where guest speakers shared information on topics that the Pasifika people asked for such as immigration issues, health, community law, education.

A project which as been going for about seven years is the Pasifika Homework Club which REAP Marlborough helped to set up with the support of Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges and the Pasifika community. From funding which we all contribute to we are able to employ homework club mentors who work closely with the Pasifika students and their families. Through their performing arts activities they are able to gain extra NCEA credits.

REAP Marlborough has also supported these students at polyfests and one year supplied the boys’ lava lava. Leadership camps and visits to university open

days have also been subsidised by REAP Marlborough.

REAP Marlborough facilitated the Computers in Homes programme coming to Marlborough and many Pasifika families have benefitted from this wonderful course. Other REAP Marlborough funded adult courses include Samoan sewing, Samoan and Tongan weaving (with embedded literacy and numeracy), drivers’ licence, computer skills, ESOL and English language.

There are increasing numbers of Samoans and Tongans arriving in Marlborough through the Pasifika Access Quota scheme so REAP Marlborough paid for a very useful Council booklet called UCan (the dos and don’ts of living in Marlborough) to be translated into Tongan and Samoan. This is a good example of working with Sana and Lapu to make this happen.

Other activities with the Pasifika community include health expos, Adult Learners’ Week performances and youth performing arts mentoring opportunities.

REAP Marlborough values its relationship with Sana and Lapu and the wider Pasifika community.