The NCEA 4 U programme enables second chance learners to work towards achieving NCEA credits through Te Kura correspondence school. Learners work alongside quality tutors in relaxed, helpful settings to ensure they are supported in their learning journey and on track with their assignments.

Many of the learners that are attending the NCEA programme have had negative learning experiences in the past both in and out of school. It is of utmost importance that the learners are nurtured in a safe environment that supports each student and encourages each student to be the best that they can be. Strong bonds are formed with the learners and confidence and strength is gained as participants find their place in the world. Negative learning experiences in the past often results in a dulling down of dreams. Southern REAP encourages the girls to re think their dreams and that anything is possible.

The success of this programme and positive impact on the student’s career goals and lives in general has exceeded our initial expectations. Career pathways have been established, confidence and self-esteem has increased, employment gained and the girls have a new found hope for their futures.